XC E-mail Boxes

Secure Email supports Secure POP/IMAP/SMTP.  Typically, you can select these as options in your e-mail client.  The standard port for secure IMAP is 993.  The port for secure POP is 995.  SMTP is over port 587, but you should select TLS as a security setting for sending messages and use SMTP auth.

Creating a Forward for Your E-mail

It is critical that you follow these directions. Simply using the Forwarders option on the webmail page will cause mail to continue to be sent to your INBOX on our server. Once you run out of quota space, YOUR MAIL WILL NOT BE FORWARDED TO YOU. You must use the instructions below to properly forward mail and NOT leave a copy on our server.

  • Log into webmail using the instruction below this section
  • Select Email Filtering
  • “Create a New Filter”
  • Where it says “Rule 1,” change it to “Forward”
  • For rule, choose “Has not previously been delivered”
  • For second section, choose “Forward to email”
  • Enter their e-mail address in the third section
  • Click Activate

Logging into WebMail.

  • Open up a browser, Internet Explorer or Netscape
  • Click on the location bar and type in
  • In the “Name Id” field type in your login name. For example, joe is the login name and is the domain name.
  • In the “Password” field type in your password
  • Then Left Click “Login”
  • This takes you to your webmail control panel. From there you can choose a webmail client to read your e-mail as well as access other features of your mailbox
  • If the link above doesn’t work, type in

Reading your mail.

  • To read your mail left click “INBOX” and then click on the message you want to read
  • When you are finished reading your message you can click “Back” to go back to the rest of the messages, or click on “Folders” to see all your folders (Inbox, Draft, Sent, etc)

Sending mail.

Click “Create Message” fill in the needed infomation (“TO:” e-mail address, subject line, etc) and click “Send”

E-mail preferences.

  • You can customize your WebMail through “Preferences”
  • Click on “Preferences.” You will get a screen that allows you to change the following:
    • The way messages are displayed
    • The way messages are sorted
    • Your Signature line
    • Mailing List Subscription
    • Password
  • There is a list of check boxes that allows you to enable or disable different options. If the check mark is in the box, that means the feature is enabled.
  • “Your Signature”   Anything typed in the white screen will be added to every message that is sent by you.
  • Do not use “Mailing List” for now.

Managing your folders.

  • If you want to rename, add, or delete any folders you can do it in the “Folders” window.
  • To change one of the existing folders, place a dot next to the folder by clicking on the middle of the circle that is located to the left of folder.
  • Once a dot is placed, you can modify the folder by using the options below the folders list.
  • You can create a new folder by typing in the name of the folder you want and clicking “Create.”


  • Click on “Address Book”
  • In the “New nickname” field type in the name by which you will recognize this person and click “Create”
  • This will take you to the next screeen where you enter the person’s information. In the “Name” field type in the person’s name. In the “Address” field type in the person’s e-mail address and click “Add”
  • You can also Delete and Edit addresses in your Address Book by clicking on “Address Book” folder. In the “Choose” drop-down menu click on the address that you want to delete/edit and then click “Delete” if you want to delete that address or click “Edit” if you want to change that person’s name/address.